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Interview: Photographer Tré Koch
· · · 1 comment

Interview: Photographer Tré Koch

· · · 1 comment

Before we start, set a soundtrack for this chat

Maceo plex boiler room dj set 👌🏽 

With a few words - who you are and what do you do?

To put it simply, i am a creator. I shoot, direct and cast... amongst other things. Basically I'm able to create beautiful wacky versions of myself and travel whilst doing so. Super blessed. 

Tre Koch GoSee

Left: Charlie Rump @ storm | styling anastasiia + maude | makeup gabriella floyd | hair weir lin || Right: Emilie Aron @ mikas stockholm | styling kawa h pour | hair + makeup helen borg

Lets chat about inspiration. Where does it come from? Any artist we should aware of?

Inspiration comes from multiple sources for me. From music, to art, to my friends. Mainly a lot of my inspiration comes from my own personal feelings / experiences. Too many amazing artists to mention - just gotta get around it and see for yourself.

 Can you tell more about your creative process?

Everything starts with a vision. I am a very visual person so all of the concepts I create start with an image in my head. The rest seems to flow...

Tre Koch GoSee

 Left: Model: Iris Lanstra @ premier styling anastasiia + maude | makeup gabriella floyd | hair weir lin || Right: Model Niko Riam @ milk management | styling forever yeon | makeup carly lim | hair hiro endo 

What do you want to achieve before you before you die?

I would like to contribute to something much greater then myself and leave the world in a better state then I found it. 

Whats your drive?

My drive is my want to always be a better version of myself every single day in every way. This very thought is what gets me motivated to push harder and aim for better. 

Left: Luka Isaac @ kate moss agency | styling anastasiia + maude | makeup jonathon luke | hair issey hyde || Right: Peyton Knight @ img london | styling anastasiia + maude | makeup mica fiedler | hair tuesday rose

What’s next? Do you have any exciting stuff upcoming?

I'm currently writing this on the way to the airport as I am leaving London for my annual trip to Australia to see my friends and family for the summer. This is a sacred time for me as family are everything and living abroad means I don't get to see them enough. So I'm just going to enjoy the summer and return to London 2018 ready to smash it.

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